24 inch Monitor


Projected Capacitive

Infrared Ray


  • AIM-TM5R240-G01W (VGA+DVI)
  • AIM-TM5R240-G03W (VGA+DP+HDMI)
  • AIM-TM5R240-R25W (VGA+DP+HDMI)
  • AIM-TMOP5R240-R01W (VGA+DVI)
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    PCT + IR

  • AIM-TMIR240-R01W (VGA+DVI)
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    Resistive touch monitors’ pricing is reasonable and install friendly, also has high stability.

    Among all the touch screen technology, it has been used the most.

    Projected Capacitive Touch is the most widely used touch technology today.Its feature includes pure flat (bezel-less) touch panel design, high durability and high transparency. POS Terminal; IPC; Kiosk; Gaming ;Medical Equipment; Office Automation; Factory Automation; Home Safety System; IVI; Military Equipment; Communication; Interactive Digital Signage; In-Vehicle Computer; Transportation; Avionics; Vending Machines; Interactive Table; Digital Whiteboards.


    Through the strictest quality control, we can ensure the highest quality of our product.

    We always insist to offer the best products and services.