About Us

Welcome to AiM Touch


We are a professional touch product manufacturer established in 2002, located in Taipei, Taiwan. We focus on touch product’s research, developer and design. Our product can be used in various way, such as automation equipments, Point of Sales(POS), medical device and so on.



There are many users around the world who are using products from AiM Touch. We provide various dimension for choosing: 5.7”, 6.5”, 7”, 8”, 8.4”, 10.1”, 10.4”, 12.1”, 13.3”, 14”, 15”, 15.6”, 17”, 17.3”, 18.5”, 19”, 19.5”, 21.5”, 22”, 23.8”, 24”, 27” etc...



Also if customer have special need, we area one of the very few manufacturers capable of making.


Through the strictest quality control, we can ensure the highest quality of our product.

We always insist to offer the best products and services.